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Travel Information

What to pack?

Make sure to pack the basics, such as comfortable clothes, prescription drugs, chargers and cables. Everything else you might need is available at the stores and shopping centers. Quite a lot of the stores are open during the nights and weekends. This includes grocery stores, kiosks and pharmacies on duty.


The Israelis are very straightfoward and informal people. Leave your suits and night gowns at home. Pack casual and comfortable clothes.

In case of need, there are quite a lot of malls and shopping centers in every city.

The only exceptions regarding the dress code are the holy sites. In order to blend in and respect the local costumes, dress modestly. The dress code at the holy sites include long sleeved shirts, hats and long trousers for men, long skirts for women.


The Israeli summer begins at June and ends in September. Make sure to pack the following items:

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Bathing suit
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • Hat

In case you ran out of sunscreen, don't worry. Almost every kiosk and grocery store holds a variety of sunscreens.

Paying For Purchases

Although some of the businesses will gladly take US Dollars or Euros, it is best advised to withdraw your cash (Israeli shekels) at the ATMs at the airport. In addition, there are a lot of currency conversion shops in every city, often called “Change”. However, while in the city, it is best advised to covert money at the post offices and banks.

Prescription Drugs and Special Health Needs

Israel has a very good health system. In case you need prescription drugs, every city in Israel has its own pharmacy on duty which is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, there are many excellent hospitals.

In case you're taking prescription drugs, it is best advised to bring them with you.


Israel is a world-leading country for mobile network. European cellular will work in Israel. North American cellular may not work.

Electric devices

Israel is using 220V European standards. If you live outside of Europe, please bring an adapter with you.

Israeli Airport Security Information

Airport security in Israel relies on personal encounters with trained security personnel rather than on impersonal intrusive checks. You may be asked questions on the nature of your stay in Israel and this might feel stressful to some, who might think that they are singled out for these interviews for whatever reason, or perhaps because the questions come as a surprise. Most of the time travelers pass through the Ben Gurion airport easily and comfortably.

The personnel are friendly, but often ask follow-up questions which can seem a bit too much. There is usually more common for a young person traveling alone to be asked questions of this nature, than for a middle-aged couple. There may be other “triggers” of these questions as well, such as carrying a passport with stamps from countries hostile to Israel.

Just answer their questions in a calm and relaxed manner. If you appear calm it will help getting it over with sooner. In fact, the security personnel look for clues that stand out, such as a nervous appearance, perhaps more than they are interested in the answers themselves.

Getting around in Israel


Public transportation in Israel is one of the best in the world. The many bus companies will take you across Israel to any destination you might need. It is relatively cheap way to travel the country. The drawback is that you need to coordinate bus schedules and carry all your luggage with you. 

There are several bus companies in Israel. The largest is Egged which you can find in many cities in Israel and inter-city. In many of the buses there is a free Wi-Fi . 

The Light Rail

The light rail is a convenient way to move around Jerusalem. Designed specialty to meet the needs of passengers with various disabilities as much as possible. Click the link to view the rail route in Jerusalem.