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a series of conferences at the École Biblique et archéologique Française
by NA4

The question of the relationship between Christians and the Jewish people was a decisive theme at the Second Vatican Council: the “Nostra Aetate Declaration on Non-Christian Religions”, paragraph 4, invites Christians to take a new look at Judaism: “The Holy Council wishes to encourage and recommend mutual knowledge and esteem, which will arise above all from biblical and theological studies, as well as from a fraternal dialogue.”

We at NA4 ("Nostra Aetate 4") draw our inspiration from this essential text. Composed of Jews and Christians, it seeks to advance in mutual recognition between brothers of the same family. It is not only a question of better understanding the Jewish sources of Christianity but also of better understanding the permanence of God’s covenant with the people of Israel.

After a ten-day session on this subject last August, we decided to give a series of four lectures, one per month, at the École Biblique et Archéologique Française. Based on the texts of the Catholic Magisterium, they aim to make the subject accessible to the general public.

The first conference, given by Fr. Olivier Catel, o.p. and Sister Agnès de la Croix (Cty of Beatitudes), took place on October 25th 2018. Its theme was: “Relations between the Church and Judaism from the New Testament”. The presence of quite a large audience showed that this initiative meets a real expectation. The next conferences will focus on the reading of the New Testament by Jewish scholars, "the Talmud and the covenant renewed through study", and "the Kabbalah and birth of the Jewish “Hassidic” movement.